"So, what exactly do you do?"

Well, King Editing was created to offer copyediting services to authors and publishers. While we were forming though, we discovered that there was so much more we're capable of—and love—doing! Some of the services we offer are listed on this page:

There are many other services we offer, or can offer ... some that maybe we haven't even considered yet. If you need help with your document—from a term paper to a full-length novel—let us know and see what we can do for you!

Content Editing


Content Editing and Copyediting, while both sound like they'd be similar, are actually quite different. If you're interested in our Copyediting services, feel free to check them out. Content Editing (sometimes called Substantive Editing or Developmental Editing) is a one-on-one collaboration with an author and a Content Editor. The focus of Content Editing is to assist the author in creating their best work.

Content Editing involves searching the text for factual errors, confutations, contradictions, cohesiveness of thought, and consistency; offering suggestions on content, direction, clarity, and organization; and assisting in proper citations, identifying and correcting plagiarism, and determining audience appropriateness. For our fiction authors, not only are all of the above services available, but these services also include checking for inconsistencies in the plot and the flow of the narrative’s pace; identifying, exploring, and questioning character interaction and dialogue; and working with the author to make sure the theme has been fully developed and all narrative threads have been completely integrated. The Content Editor is concerned about content in detail and will go to great lengths—even offering ghost writing services if desired—to make sure that the author produces their best work. The level of involvement between the author and the Content Editor is completely up to the author.


We love words! We'll scream it from the mountaintops! "We love words!" We are truly word nerds, and we want to see words used correctly. Nothing grates our proverbial chalkboard more than bad grammar, incorrect word usage, and misused syntax. With that in mind, it is our passion and privilege in life to right the wrongs of evil sentence structures, misplaced modifiers, and villanous verbiage. Let us be your sentence superheroes!


Copyediting is different than Content Editing. While Content Editing focuses on the overall picture of the work—the cohesiveness of the piece—Copyediting worries about the structure of the text itself. Our Copyeditors work to make sure that your text is mechanically consistent by conforming to an editorial style (or a house style). We strive to make corrections to infelicities of grammar, usage, and diction. We will query internal inconsistencies of fact or tone. We will check and correct spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and punctuation. We concern ourselves with your treatment of numbers and numerals; how you handle quotations; your use of abbreviations and acronyms; of italics and bold type; of special elements such as headings, lists, tables, charts, and graphs; and your formatting of footnotes or endnotes. Essentially, we will scrutinize your grammar, usage, and mechanics.

When discussing Copyediting, there are generally three levels of Copyediting that we refer to. Any of these three levels can be altered to add or remove elements from other levels.

Light Copyediting Light Copyediting involves the correction of indisputable errors by consistently applying an editorial style to the text. This level of Copyediting takes into consideration all mechanical matters of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, abbreviations, format of lists, etc. Checking the contents page against chapters and checking numbering, footnotes, endnotes, tables, and figures as well. Light Copyediting will also confirm entries and alphabetize bibliographies and reference lists. Also bringing to the writer’s attention paragraphs that seem egregiously wordy or convoluted, and terms that might be unfamiliar to new readers.
Medium Copyediting Medium Copyediting includes all of the services of light Copyediting, but also focuses on preserving the author’s voice and meaning, while correcting subjective errors that result in convoluted writing. During a medium Copyedit, at their discretion, the Copyeditor will bring to the author’s attention, or correct, infelicities in grammar, point out wordy or convoluted patches of text, define unfamiliar terms, and present suggestions for revision.
Heavy Copyediting Heavy Copyediting includes both light and medium services, but the Copyeditor will make more revisions than offer suggestions. The Copyeditor will correct all errors and infelicities in grammar, syntax, and usage. They will rewrite all wordy or convoluted patches and define terms likely to be new to readers. The Copyeditor will query the author at their discretion, but essentially, at this point, the author has given full control to the Copyeditor to make the changes they feel professionally necessary to correct all errors.

Document Services

The five services listed below (letter writing, résumé creation, document reformatting, uniformity, and typing) are only a small listing of what we are able to do with your documents. These are the services that we specialize in. If you think there is any other way we might be able to assist you with your document needs, all you need to do is ask.

Letter Writing


If we had the choice of doing one thing all day, it would be writing letters for you! Our passion for writing letters in general is only surpassed by our desire to do the best job possible at writing letters for you specifically. We get as much information as we can from our clients as to who, what, when, where, why, and how. Then it's up to our magic fingers to dance across the keyboard as we pen your personal posts, create your custom cover letters, formulate your formal felicitations, or build a better business letter all for you! From personal to legal, we do it all!

Résumé Creation

Landing that perfect job has a lot to do with first impressions. And one of the first impressions most prospective employers will have of you is your résumé. A résumé can speak volumes on your behalf before an employer ever meets you face to face.


At King Editing we understand the importance of a good résumé and can custom tailor yours to match the needs of your profession or a particular employer. Not only that, but we can also offer you introductory letter writing services, thank you letter services, curriculum vitae (CV), portfolio, and even application assistance.

As the needs of employers change and as competition for jobs increases, making sure that you are heard through how you present yourself on paper (or digitally) means more than it ever has before.

Document Reformatting


No, that is not a typo. While yes, we can format your documents for you, what we're talking about here is "reformatting" your documents. If you work for any company that has been around for over a decade, it's likely that your company's documents are not quite as amazing as your company once thought they were. Whether they need reformatting to be presented more clearly, or they need reformatting to be able to be updated digitally, we can help.


How many people have added their input onto your company's many documents over the years? Whether digitally or physically, documents can become destroyed or cluttered as ideas change, policies are added, and employees come and go. King Editing wants to help! We love cleaning things up. Consider uniformity our "maid service" for your documents.


With our uniformity service, we are looking to make all of your company's documents uniform. With all you do, you do not have time to do this. Let us take care of it for you. We'll do the monotonous so you can make the magic happen without the distraction.



Matt here. I want you to know that I love to type! I grew up watching my dad type on his old IBM Selectric typewriter. He would have his fingers flying over those keys, and when he'd get to the end of a row he'd hit that Return key and the typewriter would keep on typing. My dad was so fast on the keyboard that the typewriter couldn't keep up with him. As I learned to type, my goal was to always be able to type faster than my dad.

Now, after almost 30 years of typing experience, I think I might have finally caught up to him. I can spend hours at the computer typing and I would love to be able to type for you. There's only so much I can write about. Let me do your typing for you. Handwritten notes, transcription, copying from physical to digital. Whatever you need typed, I'm honestly excited to be able to type for you!

Content Creation

Ever had an idea of what you wanted to put on your website, but struggled to get the words out? We've never had that problem! Share with us your thoughts, your ideas, your lunch meeting napkin notes, and let us come up with the creative copy you need to express your vision.

With years of writing experience King Editing can take your ho-hum to well done! Tell us who your audience is, tell us what you'd like to say, and we'll say it for you. While we don't claim to be experts in code, we do know enough HTML to get by. Make your site amazing with our website content services.